OMV Global


In order to guarantee that you get a flawless supply of natural gas, it is not enough just to send gas from A to B. Flexibility is the key to the flawless provision of natural gas. 

One of our most important tasks is to manage fluctuations caused by climate or production considerations, as well as other challenging situations, in a way that is optimal for you. This is why our gas logistics experts produce forecasts of your demand for the following days and update them hourly based on the latest data on demand levels and the weather. 

Thanks to our professional energy management, natural gas is always available for our customers precisely when it is required. Forward-looking, hourly management of procurement and storage allows the natural gas supplied in fixed quantities to be adjusted to the needs of the customer on both a seasonal and hourly basis. 

Furthermore, our gas logistics team specifies the transport demand for natural gas in terms of international transport pipelines, storage capacities and trading platforms, as well as in the distribution zones. Demand for natural gas transport arises from the long-term import agreements, the forecast consumption of our customers at home and abroad, as well as natural gas trading at the various European trading hubs.