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CO2 Offsetting

Your contribution to global climate protection.
Sustainability and circularity lie at the center of our Group strategy. We aim to become a net-zero-business by 2050, accelerate the energy transition, and proactively expedite the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The gas share in the overall portfolio is to be increased to over 50%.

OMV’s CO2 offsetting
The voluntary offsetting of CO2 emissions is alongside with carbon reduction and prevention an integral part of the holistic approach to climate protection. OMV GAS offers you the option to compensate the CO2 emissions that results from gas consumption. The emission level is offset by purchasing and cancelling certificates that verify the reduction realized through internationally recognized climate protection projects. We use certificates from the voluntary compensation market (Voluntary Emission Reductions – VER) for the offsetting of emissions. 

The certificates are verified according to the following standards:

Therewith you can make a contribution to climate protection.

A detailed overview of our CO2 offsetting services is available here to download.

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